Dino DM has been running roleplaying games for 22 years, ever since he ran the AD&D for the first time in a Mountain Dew-fueled 12-hour marathon session in his friend’s attic. While he focuses on 5th Edition D&D and Pathfinder, he has played and run many other games over the years, including but not limited to Star Wars (various editions), Vampire: The Masquerade (both live action and tabletop) and Exalted. He also enjoys playing board games and reading sci-fi and fantasy books.

Raptor Sam has been playing D&D since the fourth grade when her PE teacher ran Temple of Elemental Evil in an after school club called “Step Back in History.” While she prefers being a player, especially in games with riddles and intrigue plots where she can show off what a clever girl she is, Raptor Sam also has run a few games including the Weird Western Pathfinder campaign on the Critical Hit podcast. Her human alter ego Samantha Nelson has been writing about games for 10 years for publications including The A.V. Club, Polygon and Waypoint, and you’ll find some of that work here along with her reviews of science fiction and fantasy books. She is always hungry and also writes about food and drinks.